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About Us

We're a new server inviting you to try out our awesome new minigame based off the renowned Hunger Games. Our goal is to create an RSPS unlike any other, where the only objective is to win at whatever cost you see fit! Think you have what it takes to survive against some of the best?

Ah yes, Hunger games a server in a bud, just waiting to blossom into a simply marvelous flower, I have to say coming from someone who has played hundreds of private servers with gimmicks of there own, ranging from home made mini-games to there own items and amours, but I can honestly say with all truth that there is none that truly take the cake other then The Hunger Games, they not only take the cake buy put icing on it sprinkle it with rainbow dust and unicorns, even if you aren't a fan of the Hunger games film's/Books you will enjoy this truly one of kind server, for its amazing pking unique style of game-play and crisp coding, and even if you don't enjoy Runescape fan's of the Book's/Films who are really into Minecraft Hunger games will really enjoy getting there hands wet with this RS version of a classic game, It's easy to see how much work Alex has put into the server well studying as a student in college we are lucky that he is so active, To really sum it all up there's a few words that describes this server, "Addicting" "Thrilling" and the best of all "Amazing"
Hello, My name is vdxfrrth in-game., or you could call me jordan. :) I love the hunger games because it's the only server out there with an experienced coder, an amazing game play experience with a diverse combat system. The first time I played, I was instantly hooked right in. This is the best server out there by far and hopefully It will go far. I can't wait to see the new players come into the server. Ever since I started in early September, I have always loved waking up in the morning just to hop in-game and play a few games with friends, meet new people and have ALOT of fun :) I can't believe how far we've come with this. It's been an honor to play this server and I hope to see new people in-game. And to everyone that wishes to join the server, I hope to see you in-game as well :)
After playing many other private servers I found one that has kept me playing since the first time I logged in, that server is the hunger games. There is a dedicated owner/coder who updates the server frequently and really considers player submitted ideas. The hunger games is a server you play based on your runescape pking skill. There are many different kits you can buy to change up your fighting style and help you achieve victory in the hunger games, some of them are bought with the exp you earn and others require you to donate. The prices for different kits are very reasonable the most expensive kit is only 7$. and finally i will talk about the community, the community in the hunger games has a overall nice group of players, they're helpful and will take the time to help others so they can learn how to play the game.
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